Who We Are

In March 1991, at a dinner with a friend at a casual restaurant called “Steamers Oyster and Steakhouse,” Dale got an idea. He quickly talked about the restaurant to a friend who had inherited an old ocean-front motel that needed a boost. Dale convinced his friend that the motel needed a restaurant, and, returning to Beaufort, sold Steamer on moving up to Hilton Head.

After two months of being in Hilton Head, the owner of Steamers offered to sell the Hilton Head restaurant to Dale. On Sept. 1, 1991, Dale became the owner of the oceanfront restaurant. He was able to convince some Kentucky kids to come down during their time off school and work for him in Hilton Head during the busy season. As the business grew, Dale hired more Kentuckians to work in the summer months, and even set up a summer internship for students.

In 2016, Dale said goodbye to Hilton Head Island and moved Steamer to the downtown historic district of Bowling Green, Kentucky, not far from where he began at Western Kentucky University. Today, Dale and Steamer occupy 801 State Street, the oldest brick residence in Warren County, Kentucky. Steamer’s menu items are created from scratch, and offer a wide selection of fresh seafood, as well as beef, chicken, and pork dishes.

Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends and family, a private dining room for hosting events, or a pleasant outdoor dining experience, Steamer is where you want to be.

What We Do

Always Fresh, Always Fun

We are a scratch house. In layman terms, that means we do not use it if it is pre-mixed, pre-breaded, pre-made, or predominantly someone else’s. Sometimes that means we will be out of an item until the fisherman and butchers provide and we prepare. We start with whole ingredients and prepare our food by hand. Our knives cut meat and vegetables, never corners. We offer the freshest seafood, choice cuts of steaks, juicy burgers, and more to please everyone.